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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Iran.

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Parcel Delivery to Iran

We are the best solution for an outsourced mail handling service and can send parcels to Iran reliably and securely. Ecommerce businesses can greatly benefit by opening their shipping options up to a big market in the middle east that many businesses struggle to target.

Iran is a country that is a challenge to get into business-wise, as there are many customs laws and regulations to adhere to. This is true with many countries in the middle east where we ship parcels. It can be a significant challenge for small businesses to meet these standards of practice.

As a global leader in mail handling, tracking and delivery we provide a simple way to outsource the frustrations of shipping to countries with difficult regulations. Your business can send cheap parcels to Iran and many other countries in the world. Contact us today to arrange your bespoke mail handling services.

Benefits of our delivery services when shipping to Iran

We can ship parcels to Iran quickly and cheaply and can handle sea freight or air cargo deliveries from airport to airport – usually within 3-5 days. We will create a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. Our services allow you to ship post, parcels and pallets. We also offer specialist eCommerce services.

Other advantages of our mail handling services to Iran include the following:

  • Tracking: When we handle your mail we can provide custom tracking options, so can view where your parcel is in the supply chain. You can also receive alerts for when your parcel has successfully arrived.
  • Bespoke delivery solutions: Whatever your needs we can come up with a solution. If you need us to collect mail from a certain site and a certain time we can arrange to meet these requirements, as well as many others.
  • Account manager: When sending a parcel to a country like Iran we will provide you with an account manager who has knowledge and experience of the region and can help ensure your needs are met during busy times.

Overall, the benefits of using our service in your business make it very inclusive, cheap and reliable. Another advantage is that by outsourcing your mail you remove a substantial workload from your business, and can therefore focus on growing your company in other areas.

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Why choose us?

Apart from our incredible levels of service and effective mail handling, we have a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction and operate using a set of values that focuses on a collaborative relationship with our clients.

Another reason to choose us is our significant experience and extensive infrastructure. We have an annual turnover of over £250 million, almost 500 employees at 8 sites across the UK.

Choosing us when you want to send a parcel to Iran means you can take advantage of a network normally only accessible to much larger companies. This means you can give the same service levels to your customers as any competitor.


Can I even send a parcel to Iran?

Understandably, many people are unsure whether shipping to Iran is even possible from the UK. With geopolitical forces at play, there are many barriers to effective courier services in the country. However, it is entirely possible to ship a parcel to Iran. For the best price and reliability of delivery, you can use The Delivery Group’s bespoke solutions.

What items can I not ship to Iran?

While most items can be sent to Iran, there are some exceptions. As a strict Islamic country, it has many of the restrictions seen in much of the middle east. As such, items containing alcohol are forbidden and not possible to send. Similarly, any kind of moral customs will have to be met. If you are unsure, your account manager can work with you to see if there is a solution.

How do you ship so fast?

We use the latest innovations and supply chain techniques to effectively manage large volumes of mail. Your mail will be a small portion of the items we deliver so we can offer small businesses the benefits of advanced technologies usually only accessible to larger companies. We consistently update and innovate to provide fast and accurate scanning as well as faster supply chain fulfilment. Another innovation is in route optimisation and bespoke tracking, which further increases our speed and precision of delivery.

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Send a parcel to Iran with us

You need an expert door-to-door service when sending a parcel or other type of mail to Iran, and we are the best solution as we have the experience and logistical capabilities to meet any requirements.

We provide a secure and reliable mail handling service for small businesses and larger corporate companies alike. For a cheap way to send a parcel to Iran via air freight or sea freight from a UK address please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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