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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from The Philippines.

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Send a Parcel to The Philippines from the UK

Are you hoping to expand your business by shipping from the UK to The Philippines? Whether you’re simply sending a few packages to a friend abroad, or you’re expanding your business internationally, our team of experts at The Delivery Group can make it happen, and offer multiple benefits to make your shipping journey that much easier.

By partnering with The Delivery Group, you will see your shipments from the UK to The Philippines being completed in the shortest times possible – with the most cost-effective shipping rates on the market. In order to bring you a service that is completely tailored to you and your needs, all of our shipments are made with bespoke costs designed around specific variables of your package. We can also ensure that the actual parcel delivery is tailored to you and your recipient, meaning that we can collect your package from anywhere in the UK and have it delivered in The Philippines all at specific times.

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Why Choose The Delivery Group when Shipping to The Philippines?

No matter where you are, and no matter where your recipient is, your parcel can be delivered in as little as three days. You will also be given the option to choose your own delivery speed and choice of mail carrier, so you can have the best possible price and service which is tailored to you and your recipient.

We can deliver parcels throughout The Philippines, including:

Manila, Cebu City, Quezon City, Davao City, Makati, Baguio, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, and many more. 

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How to Address a Parcel to The Philippines

When you send a parcel from the UK to The Philippines, it is essential that you correctly label the address in order to ensure it does not become lost in the post, or sent back to you due to incorrect labelling. Below, we have outlined the correct way on how to ship packages and deliveries to The Philippines:

Example Filippino postcode: 1008

  • The 1 represents the zone.
  • The first 0 represents the province, district, or city.
  • The 08 represents the municipality or delivery office

The below is the layout of a typical mailing address on a parcel destined for Manila:

  • Name of addressee
  • P.O. Box, name of post office / House number + street name, district name
  • Postcode + Manila
  • Philippines

In practice, this would look like:

  • Mr. Juan dela Cruz 
  • P.O. Box 1201, Manila Central P.O. / 7117 Kundiman St., Sampaloc
  • 1050 MANILA 

The layout of mail addressed to other places would typically look like:

  • Name of addressee
  • House number + street name, subdivision
  • Barangay, city or municipality
  • Postal code + name of province
  • Philippines

Which in practice would look like:

  • Mr. Samuel H. Magtanggol
  • 96 Hermogenes St., Sofa Subdivision
  • Del Pilar, San Fernando
  • 2000 PAMPANGA

How Much is it to Send a Parcel to The Philippines from the UK?

When shipping to The Philippines from the UK, there are no predetermined costs. This is because we offer bespoke shipping prices per person, and per package. Our expert team will help get you the most cost-effective shipping costs, without cutting on the quality of speed or safety with your package being shipped. To calculate our costs, various factors such as weight, dimensions, the size of your package, as well as a few other variables are taken into account in order to get the lowest costs possible for you.

Shipping with us is the cheapest way to send a parcel to The Philippines from the UK. To see the cost of shipping to The Philippines For your parcel, contact us today so we can find you the best price.

What can I send in a Parcel to the Philippines?

When shipping to The Philippines, you must not send any item viewed as unlawful or prohibited. When an item is restricted by your shipment’s destination country, you must comply with the restriction. Prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, and can sometimes apply to items that you may think are ordinary. The information below is provided in good faith, but The Delivery Group is not responsible for it, and it should only be viewed as a guide.

Some prohibited items include:

  • Lithium batteries and equipment containing lithium batteries
  • Lottery materials
  • Replicas of hand grenades, or other weapons or toys which resemble real weapons or similar articles which, when assembled and completed, could become lethal weapons
  • Khat leaves

For an expanded list, and further information, on prohibited items and restrictions for UK to The Philippines shipping, please refer to The Philippines Post website, and the Universal Postal Union’s online prohibitions search tool.

What Benefits can you Expect when you Send a Parcel to The Philippines with The Delivery Group?

When you start shipping to The Philippines from the UK with our expert couriers and delivery experts at The Delivery Group, you instantly receive exclusive access to our system of benefits that can make the whole shipping process easier than ever.

Whether it’s your first time wanting to send a small parcel to The Philippines, or your thousandth sending a large shipment, our expert customer services team can guide you through every step of the process and answer any queries related to your delivery with round-the-clock support. We make sure that we know everything there is about getting your package from A to B, so you can rest easy knowing your shipment is being handled by the most capable people.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

Online Shopping

Are you an eCommerce Business? We can help:

If you have an online business, we will work to make sure you receive the best delivery service for the benefit of your business. We can offer multiple benefits to aid your business trade overseas:

  • 72-hour deliveries
  • Proof of delivery
  • Bespoke management information and reporting
  • High-speed tracking throughout our network
  • And more

For more details and benefits, check out our page on sending boxes as an eCommerce business.

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Time-Specific and Express Services:

Here at The Delivery Group, we know the importance of meeting deadlines and working as efficiently as possible. It is our top priority to ensure that your parcel arrives with its recipient securely and in the shortest transit times. If you need a parcel delivered in The Philippines on a specific date, we can help. The Delivery Group can offer time-specific collection and delivery options to make the whole process as simple and streamlined as possible. We can receive your package in Surrey and have it delivered by our professional courier services to your recipient in The Philippines at a specific time that suits you best.


Fully Trackable Deliveries with Help from our App:

Whether you want to know where your package is, when it’s coming, or what stage it’s at in its delivery to The Philippines; we have you covered. The Delivery Group app is the most streamlined way of tracking your parcels and boxes to The Philippines. By inserting your unique tracking number received in your confirmation emails after dispatch, you can see at what point your delivery is; and when it’s due. Whether you’re curious about where your package is, or your recipient wants to know, you can simply update them with the details you receive on the app; so they know when to expect it too.

managed mail services

Personal Account Managers:

Dealing with all of the paperwork when shipping internationally is not how you want to be spending your day. Dealing with the bureaucracy from Filippino customs authorities or the fallout from Brexit can become tiresome, which is why you can get someone else to do it. When you ship with The Delivery Group, dealing with any paperwork becomes a thing of the past. Our personal account managers are clued up with the semantics of your delivery, so they know how to fill out your forms, and what information to put down. If you have any further questions regarding your delivery, you can contact them for full support; and they’ll be more than happy to assist with any queries you may have.

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