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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Singapore.


Parcel Delivery to Singapore

Located on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, despite its size, remains a strong and stable business hub. Because of this, a huge number of goods enter in and out of Singapore, which is great news for shipping and delivery companies. Additionally, due to its small size and easy transport routes, delivery across Singapore is very easy.

Through The Delivery Group, you will not only be able to send parcels at the fastest speeds, but we’ll also find you the best prices on the market. Everything about our service is tailored to make sending parcels to Singapore easy, from having your own personal account manager to bespoke collection and delivery times to suit your needs, we have your every need covered. We will also deal with all customs regulations so you don’t have to. No interruptions, just streamlined mailing.

Find out today how The Delivery Group can save you money on sending parcels from the UK to Singapore to free-up more time to focus on running your business. 

Sending parcels to Singapore made easy

Unlike other larger countries, sending parcels to Singapore is very simple for our international couriers. Most if not all commercial goods are shipped to Singapore’s two main commercial ports; the PSA Corporation Limited Port and the Jurong Port. From central Downtown Core to coastal Lim Chu Kang and Boon Lay, swift parcel delivery across Singapore is very simple.

How to label your parcels to Singapore

How to label your parcels to Singapore differs slightly to that of a UK address. Ensuring you label your parcel and consignments to Singapore greatly reduces the risk of items returning due to a wrong address format.

We have outlined the correct way to format parcels being sent to Singapore below:

Recipient name/business name
Number of house or street name
Locality or village
Town and postcode
COUNTRY (in capital letters)

How it should look:

Mr Chin Hon
Blk 44 Mandalay Road
13-37 Mandalay Towers

When addressing a parcel to Singapore, be sure to write the return address on the back of the parcel.

What you get with our parcel delivery service to Singapore

Below are some of the major benefits that come with partnering with our international parcel delivery service to Singapore.

Order tracking

Huge savings for eCommerce businesses

We place a strong emphasis on providing eCommerce businesses, both big and small, with significant cost savings. You pay for what you send and we work alongside respected global couriers (including the Royal Mail) to ensure we’re getting you the best prices for your consignments. Your account manager sends you one simple invoice and you pay it, it’s as simple as that. Streamlined, cost-effective mailing with no stress or hassle.

We also offer sorted and unsorted solutions, for more information on the additional benefits for eCommerce businesses, take a look at our eCommerce page.

Meeting, handshake

Personal account management for your consignments

Through us, you won’t have to worry about dealing with monotonous paperwork, customs duties or anything typically associated with sending your parcels to and from Singapore. This is all taken care of by your personal account manager. They essentially act as your negotiator, your go-to and point of reference for all things mailing. They are responsible for billing, customs, finding the best prices for your goods and generally overseeing all your mailing requirements.

sending and tracking cargo online

Download our tracking app to keep track of your parcels

Our team has developed their own tracking app to allow customers to track their parcels to and from Singapore. Simply enter your tracking number and our app will give you a live update on the whereabouts of your parcel. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us directly regarding the whereabouts of your parcel, you can do this by calling the number above or via our contact form.

Download our app today

Man Signing For A Courier Package At His Front Door

Bespoke collection and delivery times

Whether you’re looking for express parcel delivery (the fastest we offer) or time-specific collection and delivery, we cater for both. We can pick up your parcel from London at 9 am and have it shipped to Jurong Port and delivered to your specified address three days later at a time that suits your recipient. Alternatively, we can collect and deliver your parcel at the fastest speed (non-time-specific).


What can I send to Singapore?

There’s a very helpful guide on what you can and can’t send to Singapore on their customs website, however, some of the major prohibited items include:

  • Certain brands of alcohol
  • Chewing gum
  • Fireworks and firecrackers
  • Seditious and treasonable materials
  • Drugs and psychotropic substances

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Singapore from the UK?

Each consignment is priced differently based on a number of factors, so a definitive price can’t be given until we know what you’re sending. However, you can expect to pay within the region of £17 to £22. To receive your free, bespoke quote, simply contact our team and tell them what you’re looking to send.

Send your parcels to Singapore today

We make sending parcels to Singapore fast, affordable and hassle-free. Everything about our service is tailored to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger. Throughout the delivery process, we’re always on-hand to provide support and advice should you need it, including through peak times.

Get in touch today to see how much we can save you when it comes to sending parcels to Singapore.

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