Our international delivery service caters to both small and start-up businesses to large corporations.

The service

Hurricane is a data screening partner for e-commerce platforms, online retailers, carriers and postal operators, that aids the shipping process in running as smooth as possible.


How it works

The data system provides a screening service that ensures that the overall data is correct when booking a shipment. One single call can perform the three critical cross-border functions (duty and tax calculations, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied party screening) and present the data back in real-time.

Hurricane can also check that the HS codes submitted for the shipment are accurate, to prevent delays further in transit. The Hurricane solution was designed to keep all customers compliant with one simple system.

How will it benefit you?

  • Customer Compliance: Prevents delays due to bad data further in transit.
  • Easy duties & taxes calculation: Automatically calculated from the shipment data so there are no unexpected costs.
  • Simplified Experience: Upload the shipment data and we take care of the rest!
E-trak International Parcel Tracking Graphic