Expert International Shipping Services

Expert International Shipping Services – Everything You Need to Know

The key to growing your business is meeting your audience where they are. If you’re looking to grow your business worldwide, it’s a given that you’ll have to start shipping internationally. 

In order to expand out of national borders into international landscapes, partnering with an international shipping company that can offer the most cost-effective shipping rates and highly reliable services will help to keep your customers around the globe happy and satisfied with your services.
This is where The Delivery Group comes in. 

The Delivery Group has close relationships with various international couriers. This makes for the most efficient international shipping possible, alongside the ability to negotiate discounted shipping rates for cost-effective delivery services.

 With The Delivery Group, you can choose which courier will work best for you – whether you’re expanding your business and outsourcing fulfilment with our services, or you’re smaller in scale and require a courier to come to you to collect your parcels for international shipping from the UK, The Delivery Group has a wide range of international shipping services to make your life easier than ever. 

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What to Consider for International Shipping


There are multiple different factors that you need to consider when deciding on international shipping companies to entrust your global eCommerce shipments to. 

As one of the best international shipping companies in the UK, The Delivery Group aims to provide the best international shipping services for our clients.

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Delivery Speed

In this day and age, customers expect fast deliveries. With the likes of Amazon offering super-fast shipping worldwide, it is essential to work with international carriers and international bulk shipping companies, like The Delivery Group, who can ensure your deliveries are carried out in the most efficient ways possible by using the most direct shipping lines. Either via overnight shipping or expedited air freight, our range of international shipping options can be a lifesaver when it comes to meeting your customers’ high expectations. 

If you’re comfortable with or slower deliveries, we also provide excellent ocean and LTL shipping in order to help you save money on your international parcel deliveries and shipments. When you work with The Delivery Group, we work with you and your needs to help you meet your customer expectations and save you money along the way.

Shipping Restrictions

When it comes to looking for international parcel delivery services, you will need to make yourself aware of what can, and cannot, be sent in the mail. There are two kinds of items that can cause problems within the international shipping process. These are defined as: 

Restricted items:
These can only be delivered to your recipient if certain, specific, criteria are met.

Prohibited items:
These are items that cannot be accepted for delivery under any circumstances. 

Restrictions and prohibitions are in place because certain items have the potential to be dangerous. This means that attempting to send a parcel that contains prohibited or unauthorised goods internationally can result in one of two things: 

  1. Either we or the courier will send the package back to you.
  2. The parcel will be destroyed by border patrol or the customs authorities. 

If you’re unsure if what you’re planning to send internationally is prohibited or restricted, Royal Mail has a helpful guide on prohibitions and restrictions.

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Types of Mail

Weekend Delivery

If you want to offer weekend delivery in order to maintain a competitive advantage, The Delivery Group can work with couriers and international carriers that will be able to make that happen. 

This means that, rather than having to wait until the next week if your customer has ordered something on a Friday, we have relationships with those whose services include weekend deliveries.


Worried about the risks of what could happen during your international parcel delivery? What can you do if your package is lost or damaged in transit? International shipping is full of risk, simply because more can go wrong in such a long distance. 

These risks can make insurance coverage a necessity for many private international shippers and eCommerce businesses. To find out what we can do to help protect you and your customers from these potential risks, contact our expert customer service team today.

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When completing national and international shipping, you and your customers will want to know where the shipment is and when it is due. When you choose The Delivery Group for your international shipping needs, you will have the world at your fingertips with our handy tracking tool. 

All you need to do is enter your unique tracking number into our online parcel finder and you will have all the information you need related to your parcel, including where it is, what stage it is at in its delivery, and when it is due. 

For customer tracking, shippers simply need to share the tracking number with the customer, which is typically shared in the order confirmation email, in order to access the same information.

Shipping Rates

The Delivery Group is one of the UK’s best international shipping companies for cost-effective shipping. When using our door-to-door international shipping services, all shipping costs are tailored and bespoke to your specific shipment. This means that you’ll only be paying what you need to, with no hidden fees to worry about. Your bespoke pricing is determined by: 

  • The weight of your shipment
  • How big your shipment is, in terms of dimensions 
  • Your chosen service and its speed
  • Whether or not it is a high-value item that needs insurance

Keeping things convenient for you is our top priority as one of the UK’s top international shipping companies. You can arrange for our specialist door to door courier services to collect your parcel or shipment from your address which eliminates the need to take the time out of your day sending items from the post office yourself.

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Remote Area Delivery

When completing international shipping, your eCommerce buyers won’t only be located in big cities. Oftentimes, they are located in rural areas that can be hard to reach – this means choosing a carrier who can deliver to remote locations in hundreds of countries around the world. 

Our door-to-door shipping services are designed to be accessible to more than 240 countries and overseas globally, meaning we can get whatever you need to over 99.5% of the global population.

Customer Service

Customer service can’t be ignored when completing international shipping. If your courier is unresponsive or unhelpful, this can be extremely frustrating for you and your customers which will leave them with an unpleasant experience to judge your business by post-purchase. Luckily, our friendly customer service team at The Delivery Group is available to give round-the-clock support to our clients across the globe.

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Have you been looking for the most cost-effective and efficient international shipping services? The Delivery Group is the best international shipping service from the UK with international services that can be tailored to your exact needs, and prices that are bespoke to your shipment ensuring that you don’t pay an extortionate rate for shipping. 

Our expert customer service advisors do everything they can to make your international shipping experience the best it can be. Interested in The Delivery Group? Get in touch with us today.

If you’re still undecided and need more information about international shipping services with The Delivery Group, our friendly team will be more than happy to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. 


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