Partially Addressed

Send your direct mail without using personalised data.

The introduction of Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) is a fantastic opportunity to target your marketing messages to new customers at a reduced cost in a fully GDPR compliant manner.

Partially Addressed Mail enables you to map your entire database against every postcode in the United Kingdom and create an index of target postcodes based on how customer ‘rich’ they are.

You can then either ‘top up’ customer rich postcodes or target like for like postcodes of similar geo-demographic profiles.

  • Up to 21% cheaper than personalised Advertising Mail
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Targeted to full postcodes but addressed to each individual household
  • Existing customers can be suppressed
  • Delivered by the Postman
  • An excellent opportunity to acquire and reactivate customers
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In order to use PAM you will need to:

  • Mail a minimum of 10,000 items
  • Mail to full postcodes excluding your existing customers
  • Not use any personal reference in the addresses targeted
  • Use a generic reference such as ‘The Occupier’ or ‘The Householder’
  • Include a standard declaration for GDPR compliance

It is that simple.

Topping Up

‘Topping up’ is a great opportunity to target households in customer rich postcodes who should be ‘hot prospects’ as the households are all in a very small geographic area and are likely to be ‘similar’ in their socio, geo and economic demographic.

You can use PAM to target new customers as well as reactivate lapsed or lost households as you can map all customers past and present to each postcode and then suppress only those households you consider to be ‘live’.

A typical target postcode might then break down in to three categories:

  • Existing customer households – suppressed and not mailed
  • Lapsed or lost customer households – mailed to ‘The Householder’
  • Potential new customers – mailed to ‘The Householder’
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Like for Likes

Targeting ‘Like for Like’ postcodes involves a sophisticated matching process that identifies the demographic of customer rich postcodes and matches it to other postcodes with a similar demographic.

As with ‘Topping Up’ you can suppress existing customers and you must mail full postcodes with a minimum of 10,000 units overall

Why Use Partially Addressed Mail

  • It is cheaper than personalised mail
  • It is GDPR compliant
  • It is scientifically targeted
  • It can work with catchment areas and drive times
  • It has a quick turnaround
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Next Steps

Our consultancy is free and we would be more than happy to work with you on methodology, numbers, mailing formats, cost and strategy.

Please contact us to discuss your business objectives and the opportunities presented by Partially Addressed Mail