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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure shipping solutions for customers sending goods between the UK and Canada.

Cost-effective Shipping from the UK to Canada

Canada between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, Canada ranks highly when it comes to government transparency, liberties and overall quality of life. A huge country, second only to Russia, when you ship from the UK to Canada, you want a smiling partner you can trust.

The Delivery Group provides an end-to-end delivery service. We alleviate all the typical stresses associated with organising mailing to Canada. Through us, you will save money on pallet and parcel shipping to Canada thanks to our strong relationships with international couriers (including the Royal Mail). We also offer around the clock support and advice on your consignments, whether it’s an update on shipping, diverting your parcels or timed deliveries, we’re here to streamline your shipping needs.

You can find out more about our benefits and services to Canada below.

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Benefits of partnering with The Delivery Group

We make mailing and shipping from the UK to Canada, fast, simple and affordable. Take a look at the benefits below:

  • Personal account management to oversee your goods to Canada
  • You receive your own personal account manager to ensure peace of mind, security and a consistent point of contact regarding your consignments. You won’t have to deal with customs declarations either, as this is all taken care of by your account manager. They will also be on-hand to provide support and advice through busier times, including Black
  • Friday and Cyber Monday. Streamlining your mailing to allow you to focus on running your business is the biggest benefit of your account manager.
  • Price-competitive Canada shipments
  • We have built and sustained strong relationships with international couriers including the Royal Mail to ensure we provide the best prices and deals for our customers. If you find a cheaper quote online, tell us and we’ll match it and beat the quality of service.
  • Exclusive savings for eCommerce businesses

eCommerce businesses big or small benefit from exclusive discounts on their shipments to Canada. Whether you’re sending documents, parcels or pallets, we will find you the best deals on the market. This, combined with fast 72 hour deliveries, sorted and unsorted mailing options, timed deliveries and more means you can continue to run your business without disruption.

Our team has developed their own tracking app that’s available to download from both iOs Store and Google Playstore. Simply enter your tracking number and our app will give you a live update on your parcel’s whereabouts to Canada.

Downloadable tracking app for your shipments

Timed collections and deliveries

We provide a service that allows you to have your items collected at a location and time that suits you. You could opt for an 8am collection from your London address and demand your consignments to be delivered to Toronto four or five days later at 12pm, we offer ultimate flexibility when it comes to timed deliveries to Canada. Alternatively, you can opt for our express service that sees your consignments shipped at the fastest speed.

Labelling your Canadian parcels

Canada’s postal format is slightly different to our own, and it’s important you understand how to effectively label your packages to ensure safe delivery. Below we have outlined a basic structure for labelling your parcels from the UK to Canada:

Recipient name/business name
Number of house or street name
Locality or village
Town and postcode
COUNTRY (in capital letters)

How it should look:

Mr Ryan Reynolds
Poole Street
10-123 Maine Way
Montreal QC H32 2YZ

When addressing a parcel to Canada, be sure to write the return address on the back of the parcel.

Ship your items from the UK to Canada today

We make sending parcels to Ireland fast, affordable and hassle-free. Everything about our service is tailored to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger. Throughout the delivery process, we’re always on-hand to provide support and advice should you need it, including through peak times.

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How much does it cost to send items to Canada?

We price each consignment based on a few factors, including volume being sent, weight and speed of transport. We don’t offer ballpark figures as all consignments are priced based on the customer’s requirements. However, you can expect to pay around £5 – £10 for a maximum 2kg parcel.

Will I have to deal with customs declarations/duties and taxes?

Despite the UK leaving the EU in January 2021, you will not have to deal with customs forms or customs declarations as this is a service we provide. For more information on this, please contact our team.

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