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Our international shipping services for China

By partnering with us, you’ll be ensuring that your deliveries are completed faster, more efficiently and at a better price for your budget. You’ll also receive help at every turn from your very own personal account manager.

Our firm will be glad to help you find the best prices from the best carriers, including the Royal Mail.

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Some of the companies we work with

Royal London Logo

Royal London

Our experience is that they are a company that delivers on their promises. They work hard to understand our priorities, are flexible and supportive and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Centrica Logo


With the ability to open up the network and provide full visibility of the mailing pipeline along with meaningful management information provision tailored to our needs consistently confirm why we chose them as our postal partner of choice.



The Delivery Group has been a loyal and long-standing service partner to Latcham for many years. We have developed and expanded our use of services from Downstream Access Mail services to now include E-comm and Pallet services. We have engagement at a strategic board level as well as highly responsive Account Management that enables us to work in partnership with them – Business Manager


As a major UK Retailer and online Brand our Marketing activity is reliant upon Direct Mail being consistently delivered to consumers in-line with our schedule. The Delivery Group have worked proactively with us for many years to ensure that this is achieved and helps to maximise the effectiveness of our Direct Marketing activity.

British Gas

British Gas

The Delivery Group are a critical part of our supply chain through their provision of services for both time sensitive Direct Mail and critical Transactional Mall communications. We have worked together for many years and benefit from a strong working relationship.– Senior Account Manager.



As a Mail Order company, we rely upon working with a delivery partner that provides a flexible and reliable service delivery operation and an Account Management team that understands and reacts to the needs of our business. We enjoy the experience of working with The Delivery Group.– Head of Logistics

Central Mailing Services

Central Mailing Services

During a recent review of suppliers within the Downstream Access Marketplace, Central Mailing Services identified The Delivery Group as our preferred partner. They provide a proactive and flexible approach that meets the needs of our dynamic and customer-focused culture. – Director



The Delivery Group are responsive to the changing requirements of our fast-paced E-commerce fulfilment business. They work with us to accommodate our needs and provide a punctual and reliable collection and delivery services.– Business Owner

Hub Europe

Hub Europe

The E-commerce fulfilment services provided by The Delivery Group provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for our business. The services are easy to use and are provided through a flexible approach to daily collections and professional Account Management.– CEO Hub Europe Ltd

Shipping to China from the UK

At The Delivery Group, we are prepared to help any customers planning on shipping to China. As the second largest economy in the world, the Chinese market offers a huge amount of potential to those looking to expand into international trade. We’re more than happy to make this happen for you, by helping you to ship anything, from packets of dry goods to crates of alcohol, quickly and safely to the country.

We also have a number of advantageous features you can utilise during the process, including express delivery services and round-the-clock support from our team. Contact us today to find out how much you could save by trusting your Chinese shipments to us.

The Perfect Mail Solution for Global Business

Our team of dedicated international couriers are ready and waiting to offer you the fastest, most cost-effective collections and deliveries, sending your packages to China at a time which suits you. This time will be completely up to you as well, because you will be able to choose your own delivery speed. We’ll offer you the cheapest price which suits your budget in return.

Some of the most popular locations we ship to in China include: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xining, Urumqi, Harbin and Guangzhou.

a delivery driver fulfiling eCommerce orders in his van

Why Choose The Delivery Group When Shipping to China from the UK?

When you choose to work with us, you’ll be offered a number of benefits and advantages you can utilise for your own shipping needs:

We provide express, time-specific delivery options

Speed and security are of the essence whenever you’re sending parcels, packages or other items abroad. You may need the fastest service possible to make sure your food shipment arrives by an agreed deadline, or you may need to be sure that the important documents you sent out were delivered in a secure handover. No matter the reason you’ve chosen to work with us, you can be confident that we’ll provide you with everything you need in shipping. Our express services can see your packages shipped door-to-door in as little as 2-3 working days, at an agreed fee that suits your budget.

Our service also provides time-specific collections and deliveries, if you need to ensure your sent items will arrive by a certain date. For example, we can collect a file of documents that you’re sending from London at a time you’ve specified and have them delivered to their recipient in Chengdu when it suits your needs best. All you need to do to use this service is let us know the address of your recipient, the delivery and transit times, and the speed. We will take care of the rest.

We’ll assign you an account manager

Once you have chosen to partner with us, you will be given your very own personal account manager. These experts will oversee every part of your operations and take care of every step in the delivery process for you, leaving you time to focus on running your business. They’ll handle billing, customs and documentation, and will be able to provide you with help and support whenever you have any questions that need answering. Your account manager will even assist in changing delivery dates, or cancelling orders where necessary.

Every account manager will be prepared to answer questions from customers, as well as to help them navigate through the busiest shipping periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our app lets you track your parcels

We understand the worry that will be felt when shipping to China, or to any other international destination. It won’t be alleviated until you know your packages, parcels, documents or food products have been received at their intended destination. Making sure you can track any packages you’re sending abroad is vital for running your business, and plays a huge part in determining how successful your chosen courier service has been.

This is why we have created a free, downloadable app for our customers to use whenever they need an update on their items. All you will need to do is use the tracking number provided with your goods by putting it into the app. You’ll then receive updated information on the location of your items. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of staff about your shipped goods, you can also call our head office in London to receive an update.

Our app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

We streamline services for eCommerce businesses

If you’re looking for the cheapest options when sending anything from documents, important packages and parcels of food and other goods, our services are ideal. What we provide is especially suited to eCommerce businesses because of this. We will work as closely with you as possible to make sure all your items are collected and securely packed before being shipped to China. No matter if you’re only planning on sending sporadic packages, or if you need a regular delivery service for a new, steady market, we’ll be able to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

We are also proud to be a price-competitive company, so if you find the cheapest price you’ve seen online, or if you’re given a cheap quote from another firm, we’ll be happy to match the fee without any compromise in the quality of service. To find out more about this, take a look at our page on eCommerce.

Clients we work with

a delivery driver fulfiling eCommerce orders in his van

How Much Will It Cost to Send a Parcel to China?

At The Delivery Group, we aim to offer our customers the cheapest price possible for the fastest, most secure services. This is available no matter if you’re planning on sending large items, such as crates of clothing or bottles of alcohol, or even smaller items such as packets of dry food, milk powder or baby formula. However, the fee we’ll charge for shipping your items out will be calculated on a bespoke basis. This price will be based on individual factors, such as the size, weight and volume of your goods.

The cheapest prices for postage to China will normally start between £10-£15, but can increase up to £100 or more, depending on the aforementioned factors.

Make a parcel delivery to China today

We aim to make mailing out parcels, packages and documents easier, no matter where you are based in the UK and no matter where your recipient is based in China. We’ve tailored our service to be as simple and swift as possible, whether you need help getting milk powder or baby formula through customs, want to change a delivery date so it better suits your recipient, or even if you just need us to answer a question about our service. All we need from you in return is the relevant information, such as addresses, your budget and the time you’d like the goods to be delivered.

You can rest assured that you’ll be given a cheap quote for shipping your items to China, based on your individual requirements. So, if you’d like to find out more about the fee we’ll charge for your delivery, contact us today. You can soon have your own price for the cost of express international shipping from the UK.

A note about sending small parcels to China

If you are sending small items to your recipient, it will be delivered via China Post to the addressee’s local post office. A notice will then be sent to your recipient informing them of its arrival. They will have 7 days to collect it before a reminder is sent, then another 30 days after that to collect their package. After this time, the items will be considered undeliverable and returned.

Are there any prohibited items I cannot send to China?

There are many restrictions in place on items you can send to China and trade regulations often change. As such, if you need to find out if something is prohibited or need further clarification, please consult the China Post website.

Examples of prohibited items include:

  • Lithium batteries and items or equipment containing lithium batteries
  • Live animals, except cats and dogs
  • Edible animal products, including cooked and raw meat, eggs, and dairy products
  • Foodstuffs and medicines from epidemic-stricken areas
  • Inedible animal products, including hides, hairs, and bones
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds, nursery stock or other propagating plant matter
  • Soil
  • Microbial strains, virus strains, pathogens, pests or other harmful organisms
  • Organs, tissues or blood products
  • Arms, ammunitions or explosives
  • Coins, banknotes, travellers’ cheques or securities of any kind, both real and counterfeit
  • Printed matter and other forms of media which are deemed detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of the People’s Republic of China
  • Poisons
  • Addiction-inducing drugs and psychedelic substances
  • Platinum, gold, silver and precious jewels and stones, whether manufactured or real

Radio transmitters, imported alcohol and tobacco are all considered restricted items, so you may be able to send shipments of either under some circumstances if your courier allows this. Lithium batteries also fall under the list of restricted items, as they are prohibited for carriage by domestic air transport within China.

Baby formula and milk powder are also considered restricted items, but can be sent as long as you do not send over 4kg.

Will I need to deal with customs in China?

Ordinarily, you would have to deal with customs if you were planning on shipping to China by yourself. However, by choosing to partner with us you won’t need to worry about this step. We will take care of it for you.

Addressing parcels and documents you’re sending to China

When addressing packages bound for China, you can use either English or Chinese/Mandarin characters. However, the country name must be written in English on the last line of the address for both formats. 

If you are writing the address in Chinese, the address will be written in the opposite order to the format found in the UK. So, the format will begin with the country and working down to the name of the recipient.

An address written in English will be formatted as follows:

The name of the recipient (surname may be written before the recipient’s first name)

The house number and street name

The postcode and town, city or province

The country

Put into practice, it would read as follows:

Miss Zhang Biyu

1395 Taoyang Road

100032 BEIJING