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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure shipping solutions for customers shipping to Suriname.

Shipping to Suriname Made Easy

Planning on shipping to Suriname? The Delivery Group is here to help. Our fast team of professionals can get your parcels, pallets or other consignments shipped to Suriname in as little as just one working week, with express delivery options available. If you’re looking to expand your business with international deliveries, we at The Delivery Group can deliver your goods across South America.

Partnering with The Delivery Group will also see your deliveries being carried out at the fastest, and most cost-effective, rate you can find on the market. Our systems can get you the best rates from the highest quality carriers. We provide bespoke pricing per parcel, which enables us to keep the costs of shipping so low. These prices are calculated based on a few variables, such as size, weight, and a few other variants in order to personalise your shipping costs – meaning you’ll only have to pay what you need to.

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Why Choose The Delivery Group for Shipping to Suriname?

Here at The Delivery Group, we aim to offer a parcel delivery service that is completely tailored to you and your client’s needs. In order to achieve this, we offer bespoke shipping pricing calculated on specific variables related to your package in order to deliver the most cost-effective shipping costs to you.

We also offer multiple shipping options to suit your schedule and budget, including deliveries and reliable courier services at specific times at point A and B of your package’s journey.

If you need a package collected from Cambridge at 13:30GMT and delivered in Suriname at 14:30 SRT after it reaches the country, we can make that happen. No matter where you are, and no matter where your recipient is, your parcel can be delivered in as little as one working week.

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How Much Does Shipping to Suriname from The UK Cost?

A lack of predetermined costs are one of our main benefits. Not every shipment can fit in one box, so why do the same for pricing? In order to reduce the cost of shipping containers to Suriname from the UK, our shipping costs are calculated by a few variables, such as the weight and dimensions of your item(s) in order to keep cheap shipping to Suriname possible. Even though our costs stay low, we manage this without cutting on the quality of speed or safety with your package being shipped.

The Delivery Group is the most efficient and cost-effective way of shipping to Suriname from the UK. To discover how much your parcel will be to ship to Suriname, contact us today.

Addressing Shipping to Suriname

When shipping to Suriname, it is essential that you correctly label the address in order to ensure it does not become lost in the post, or sent back to you due to incorrect labelling. Below, we have labelled the correct way to ship packages and deliveries to Suriname.

Example layout of addressing shipping to Suriname:

  • Addressee name
  • Street name and number
  • Building name
  • District

In practice:

  • Ms. Saskia Panka
  • Walapastraat 2
  • Bloemendal

If you need any further help, there is a helpful guide to addressing Suriname on the Universal Postal Union site, however, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team; we can explain everything thoroughly so you can easily understand the entire process of shipping to Suriname. Contact us today.

What can you Ship to Suriname?

When you start shipping to Suriname with The Delivery Group, you must not send any item viewed as unlawful or prohibited. Though prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, and can sometimes apply to items that you may think are ordinary, you must comply with the restrictions and prohibitions. The information below is provided in good faith, but The Delivery Group is not responsible for it, and it should only be viewed as a guide.

Some prohibited items include:

  • Live animals or any form of biological organism
  • Perishable goods or food
  • Batteries or items with built-in batteries
  • Compress gas cylinders
  • Cosmetic products
  • Drugs or medication
  • Tobacco or related products
  • Any hazardous goods
  • Any illegal goods
  • Large vehicle parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Poisonous substances
  • Radioactive substances
  • Weapons or replicas of weapons
  • White goods

For an expanded list of prohibited items and restrictions for shipping to Suriname, please refer to the Universal Postal Union’s online prohibitions search tool, or ask our team of experts at The Delivery Group if you’re still not sure. Contact us here.

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In order to benefit you, and to make the whole process of shipping to Suriname from the UK as efficient and easy as possible, we do everything we can to streamline our international shipping services offered and tailor them to fit your needs. Our fast, cost-effective, and secure delivery services will benefit you anywhere in the world. Whether you’re shipping to Suriname from the UK or somewhere else, our worldwide tracking and specific delivery services for any budget will help you worldwide.

If you would like to see how much our bespoke shipping to Suriname will be for you, contact us today.

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