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Our international shipping services for Germany

When you partner with us, you’ll see your shipping suddenly becoming faster and more cost-effective at every turn. You’ll also be helped out by a personal account manager, who can give advice and help you through every step of the shipping and delivery process.

We’ll find you the cheapest rates from the highest quality courier services, including carriers such as the Royal Mail.

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Some of the companies we work with

Royal London Logo

Royal London

Our experience is that they are a company that delivers on their promises. They work hard to understand our priorities, are flexible and supportive and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Centrica Logo


With the ability to open up the network and provide full visibility of the mailing pipeline along with meaningful management information provision tailored to our needs consistently confirm why we chose them as our postal partner of choice.



The Delivery Group has been a loyal and long-standing service partner to Latcham for many years. We have developed and expanded our use of services from Downstream Access Mail services to now include E-comm and Pallet services. We have engagement at a strategic board level as well as highly responsive Account Management that enables us to work in partnership with them – Business Manager


As a major UK Retailer and online Brand our Marketing activity is reliant upon Direct Mail being consistently delivered to consumers in-line with our schedule. The Delivery Group have worked proactively with us for many years to ensure that this is achieved and helps to maximise the effectiveness of our Direct Marketing activity.

British Gas

British Gas

The Delivery Group are a critical part of our supply chain through their provision of services for both time sensitive Direct Mail and critical Transactional Mall communications. We have worked together for many years and benefit from a strong working relationship.– Senior Account Manager.



As a Mail Order company, we rely upon working with a delivery partner that provides a flexible and reliable service delivery operation and an Account Management team that understands and reacts to the needs of our business. We enjoy the experience of working with The Delivery Group.– Head of Logistics

Central Mailing Services

Central Mailing Services

During a recent review of suppliers within the Downstream Access Marketplace, Central Mailing Services identified The Delivery Group as our preferred partner. They provide a proactive and flexible approach that meets the needs of our dynamic and customer-focused culture. – Director



The Delivery Group are responsive to the changing requirements of our fast-paced E-commerce fulfilment business. They work with us to accommodate our needs and provide a punctual and reliable collection and delivery services.– Business Owner

Hub Europe

Hub Europe

The E-commerce fulfilment services provided by The Delivery Group provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for our business. The services are easy to use and are provided through a flexible approach to daily collections and professional Account Management.– CEO Hub Europe Ltd

Shipping to Germany from the UK

The Delivery Group is here to assist whenever you’re planning on shipping from the UK to Germany. As the fifth largest global economy and the largest economy in the European Union, Germany is the ideal location for you to expand your business internationally. We’re more than happy to help you make this happen too, by ensuring that any and all packages you send are delivered quickly and safely.

We also have a number of beneficial features for you to take advantage of during shipping and delivery, including express services and round-the-clock support. Contact us today for a quote on the services you need from us and we’ll show you how much you could be saving with our help.

Our International Courier Services

Our skilled couriers are waiting to collect your items from anywhere in the UK, so they can be transported and delivered as safely as possible. No matter if you need them collected in London, Aberdeen or Swansea, they will be quickly and professionally taken to their intended destination in Germany. You will even be able to choose your own delivery speed, and in return we’ll offer you the best price for the best ROI.

Some of our most popular shipping destinations in Germany include: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden and Leipzig.

a delivery driver fulfiling eCommerce orders in his van

Why choose The Delivery Group when sending cargo to Germany?

We can provide you with a number of advantageous features, which you can utilise whenever you’re shipping from the UK to Germany:

We provide express services and specific delivery times

We understand that you will have a deadline to meet, and it can be frustrating to have to wait for a delivery service to arrive and hand over important items. No matter if you’re a business owner in London and need a secure service to safely transfer documents to a client, or have cargo that needs to be sent to customers in Dresden immediately, we have the service you need. Our express delivery services can ensure that when you send a parcel to Germany, it will arrive in 1-3 working days, all at a price which suits your budget.

If you need to ensure that your items will arrive by a specific date, we can also provide you with time-specific collection and delivery options. So, if you need a package collected at a time you’ve set out with us, we can make sure it’s delivered door to door on the day that suits your needs best. Simply provide us with the relevant details, such as the address, delivery and transit time and speed, and we will handle the rest.

Your personal account manager

When you choose to work with us, you’ll be given your very own account manager. They will provide you with advice and support whenever you’re shipping from the UK to Germany, no matter if you have a question about the process or need to change a delivery date. As an expert team member, they’ll also be able to help you rescind orders where necessary and oversee all other operations. This leaves you with more time to focus on the most important parts of running your business, while they take care of billing, customs and documentation, duty and taxes.

Your account manager will also be able to help you calculate the cheapest shipping rates, as well as guiding you through the busiest shipping days of the year, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our App Works As Your Tracking Tool

Being able to track parcels is a vital element in determining the success of a courier firm in the modern era. It’s also important to be able to oversee the movement of your items, so that you know exactly where your goods are and can see that they have been delivered to the recipient. This is why we have created a free, downloadable app for you to use whenever you’re sending packages or parcels abroad.

We will provide you with a tracking number, which you will then be able to enter into the app. Doing this will show you the current location of your shipped items. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our members of staff, you can also call our head office in London and they will be able to tell you where your packages are currently.

Our tracking app is free and available to download in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Streamlined Services for Your eCommerce Business

If you’re interested in finding the cheapest shipping rates to save revenue for your eCommerce business, our service can provide you with everything you need. We can help you find the best price for your budget, from a courier which doesn’t compromise on quality. We’ll do this for you whether you’re looking for a service to ship items abroad regularly, or even if you’ll only be sending a handful of items sporadically. We will also work with you closely to make sure every package sent is collected, securely wrapped and packed away before its delivery.

We are also a price-competitive service, so if you find online rates that appear to be the cheapest you’ve seen, we are more than certain that we can calculate a price to match it. To find out more about this part of our work, please see our page on shipping for eCommerce businesses.

Clients we work with

a delivery driver fulfiling eCommerce orders in his van

How much will it cost to send cargo to Germany?

At The Delivery Group we strive to calculate every cost, so that we can offer our customers the best price whenever they’re shipping from the UK to Germany. No matter if you’re based in London and need to get your package all the way to Munich as soon as possible, we will find you the cheapest rates available. However, we cannot set the cost for your shipment until you have provided us with information on the weight, size and volume of the cargo.

The cheapest rates for shipping to Germany will begin at around £8-£10, though this price can increase up to £60 or more depending on the factors we’ve mentioned above. 

Carry out fast shipping from the UK to Germany today

Our aim is to make our shipping services as easy as possible, no matter where you are planning on sending your cargo. This is why we’ve customised our services to be as simple and swift as we can make them, no matter where you are in the UK and no matter where you’re intending to send your parcels in Germany. All you’ll have to do in return is provide us with the necessary information, including the recipient’s address and your budget. We will also need any dates the items should arrive by.

The price for every shipment we send will depend on your individual requirements, so if you’d like to see a list of the most cost-effective shipping options we can provide, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote based on the goods you’re sending.

Send Parcels to Germany With Us

Are there any prohibited items I cannot send to Germany?

There are a number of items and packaged goods that you cannot send from the UK to Germany, as well as further restrictions on others.

Prohibited and restricted items include:

  • Live animals
  • Animal and plant products (including live trees and plants, cut flowers and ornamental foliage)
  • Plant feed
  • Food products
  • Liquids over 1L
  • Alcohol over 24% ABV (this includes alcohol such as rum, whiskey and vodka)
  • Other liquids with an alcohol volume of 82% and above
  • Aerosols
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical products
  • Textile products
  • Printed material, audio or film containing propaganda
  • Items that infringe trademarks or copyright
  • Fireworks
  • Toy weapons
  • Video games
  • Opium

To learn more, or to get further clarification on what you can send or absolutely must not send to Germany, take a look at the German Post Office website.

Will I need to deal with customs in Germany?

The UK may have left the European Union, but this doesn’t mean you will have to worry about German customs. Even once existing, frictionless arrangements end on 31st December 2020, our team will take care of everything so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Addressing Parcels You’re Sending to Germany

It’s important to remember that Germany has strict conditions for formatting addresses. The house number for German addresses goes after the street name, while the postcode is put before the name of the town or city.

The formatting therefore appears as follows:

The recipient’s name

The street name and number

The postcode and town

The country

In practice, this appears as:

Mrs P. Herzog

Nordweg 7

01468 Moritzburg