Magazine Subscription Fulfilment Services

If you run or own a magazine and have subscribers, then you could benefit from a cost-effective magazine subscription fulfilment service. 

Here at The Delivery Group, our magazine subscription fulfilment service is designed exclusively to save time by managing subscriptions, preparing shipments on your behalf and shipping your orders for you via third party logistics (3pl).

Whether you own a large publishing house or manage an SME and are still finding your feet in the world of magazine publishing, The Delivery Group offers flexible, tailored solutions that can adapt to your business needs. 

Specifically geared towards magazine subscription fulfilment, our continued investment in new technology and automation enables us to offer the best value available. 

Save Time and Money Through Magazine Subscription Fulfilment

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and you can be assured of a smooth running, cost-effective service when you use The Delivery Group. We cater for some of the biggest brands in the UK, who trust The Delivery Group with all aspects of their mail delivery, from fulfilment services through to international shipping. 

Just some of our values include:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Exceptional market value
  • Leading customer service standards

We deliver over a billion items each year. Each of our customers works with a dedicated account manager and we will do everything to ensure your magazine subscribers have a seamless process when it comes to receiving their magazine subscription each month, or week on time.

Magazine subscription fulfilment services are perfect for those who have outgrown their current base of operations and are in need of larger warehousing and staff capabilities. This means we can handle all the hard work and you don’t have to ship your stock manually.

Our fulfilment services can be compared with the lowest rates on the market, and all rates are completely bespoke to you. This means you will be getting a full service and only be paying for what you need. 

We cover the full range of magazine subscription fulfilment including:

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping
  • Kitting or bundling
  • Returns
  • Custom Packaging
  • Gift services
  • Setup

The magazine industry is still hugely respected and despite the growth in online media, the print industry is still continuing to flourish. We have a wide range of magazine distributors who take advantage of our fulfilment services.  We like to think our expertise in fulfilment allows us to provide a better service than our competitors.

All fulfilment centres share the same goal, however, they all operate slightly differently. 

Our fulfilment warehouse acts as a command centre for all of your order preparations and shipping needs. They can also be used as spaces for inventory storage. So when your business expands exponentially, and you don’t have the space to hold all of your magazines and print materials, we can store your stock without you having to worry.

When Should You Use The Delivery Group For Magazine Subscription Fulfilment?

If you’ve just got into the business of distribution you will typically be starting out by fulfilling your own orders. A third-party solution such as The Delivery Group can take the pressure off as your company grows in size and demand. 

You may find that you’re too busy fulfilling subscriptions to even think about growth. This is a clear sign that it’s time to start outsourcing to a reliable magazine subscription fulfilment service. 

We know you want a fulfilment service that can work with you and cater for the needs of your business. We provide magazine fulfilment and offer delivery services throughout the UK and worldwide. So, no matter how big your subscription base is, we have the tools, the space and the staff to handle your orders.

Our UK Fulfilment Service Promises

We offer a wide range of fulfilment services and not just for magazine subscriptions, but for all types of industries. This means we have the infrastructure in place to handle any type of product, no matter how large.

Here at The Delivery Group, our experts offer a variety of fulfilment services that aim to make your life easier. These include:

  • 3pl eCommerce fulfilment
  • Outsourced fulfilment services
  • Fulfilment mail
  • 2-day fulfilment

We are one of the largest providers in the UK and have customers that are some of the biggest brands. The technology we use is second to none and our team of experts excel at understanding the requirements of our customers. We have developed partnerships with leading providers across the globe to ensure the best possible delivery and fulfilment outcome for our customers. This has resulted in a service that continues to exceed all expectations and ensure our customers receive the absolute best of our attention and care.

Make The Delivery Group Your Choice for Magazine Fulfilment

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will let you know how the entire process works and put together a bespoke solution that will ensure your magazine subscribers have the best possible service.

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