Bespoke Mail Order Fulfilment Services

If you are looking for a dedicated mail order fulfilment service with passionate staff who care about your business, then The Delivery Group has the perfect solution. We handle over a billion items each year so are perfectly placed to provide a superior service compared with other solutions available. Our experienced team will always go the extra mile to ensure the highest level of service possible.

We help some of the biggest brands in the UK with their mailing services and our exceptional testimonials speak for themselves. 

“As a major UK Retailer and online Brand, our Marketing activity is reliant upon Direct Mail being consistently delivered to consumers in-line with our schedule. The Delivery Group has worked proactively with us for many years to ensure that this is achieved and helps to maximise the effectiveness of our Direct Marketing activity.”


Even though our business model isn’t based on being the cheapest solution, our efficiency and cost-effectiveness means our rates are among the lowest on the market.

Our bespoke solutions are tailored exclusively to each customer which means you only pay for what you need. Depending on your chosen fulfilment service, you could be charged per hour, or per unit/pallet. We are here to support you on every step of your journey to ensure the entire process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Typical services involved in mail order fulfilment include:

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping
  • Kitting or bundling
  • Returns
  • Custom Packaging
  • Gift services
  • Setup

What is Mail Order Fulfilment?

A mail order fulfilment service can handle the entire distribution process including delivery to customers. We provide ecommerce and bulk distribution solutions from businesses in a wide range of industries whether it be national in the UK, or a global service.

If you own or manage an ecommerce business then there will inevitably come a stage in your success where the job of fulfilment is simply too daunting for you to handle on your own. This is where a mail order fulfilment service can be a godsend and free up valuable time for you to continue to grow and develop your business.

We specialise in fulfilling all your mail order customer requests, whether they are generated from your website or EPOS system. We also provide exceptional services for eBay and Amazon sellers. We have vast warehouse space available in multiple depots throughout the UK and can store your products safely and securely.

As orders are received from you, our reliable team can pick and pack from the warehouse and ensure all deliveries are on their way to your customers in a fast and efficient manner.

We cater for a wide range of businesses and handle some of the most prestigious accounts in the UK. Just some of the industries we offer mail fulfilment services to include:

  • Fashion brands
  • Beauty products
  • Perfume and fragrances
  • Books and Magazines
  • Flowers

We have extensive knowledge of fulfilment and our warehouses provide bulk storage, palletised and dedicated racking solutions, as well as highly secure areas for fragile or sensitive items. 

Why Use the Delivery Group for Mail Order Fulfilment?

We handle fulfilment accounts for hundreds of customers and these range from SMEs, to e-sellers (Ebay, Amazon etc..) to some of the largest businesses in the UK. 

We often have customers come to The Delivery Group after having a distressing experience with their previous providers. They have become disillusioned with other services after being let down by an incompetent process or uncaring customer support. Especially alarming is the feedback we’ve had from smaller operators who feel they were left to an automated, portal-based service due to their providers focusing more on their bigger accounts. 

This is something we never do at The Delivery Group, as we feel all businesses deserve the highest level of attention, support and customer care, whether they are large or small.

We strive to go out of our way to provide the most reliable, efficient and attentive experience for all our customers. We tailor our pricing to each customer to ensure you get the best value for money and the most cost-effective service. Our mail order fulfilment offers significant cost savings for eCommerce customers, so you can focus your valuable attention and time on growing your business. Your success is our success here at The Delivery Group and this is why we’ve grown into one of the largest operators in the UK, turning over more than £250 million each year. We have an infrastructure capable of handling over a billion items each year and have five regional hubs throughout the UK.

Our exceptional growth since 2015 can be partly attributed to our dedication in finding the best technological solutions for our customers. We use the most advanced technology throughout every aspect of our operations from sorting and tracking, to warehousing, packing, shipping and courier services. This means we can offer a phenomenal service to customers from SMEs right up to global corporations.

As a global courier service, The Delivery Group can deliver to over 200 countries, with popular destinations on all seven continents. We provide a personal account management system and tailored pricing for parcels and pallets. Our entire process is designed to eliminate the hassle and stress from businesses that deal with mailing out to customers. We can alleviate all the concerns with billing and invoicing and ensure your customers receive the service they deserve.

Our dedicated team are also on hand to provide expert advice and support (extending to Black Friday and Cyber Mondays) and they can even handle customs clearances (even more ideal now the UK has left the EU).

Help Us To Help You Grow Your Business With Mail Order Fulfilment

Your success is our success, so we want to do everything we can to ensure you have the least amount of stress possible when fulfilling orders for your customers. Having the peace of mind to know your customers are in the best hands can empower you to focus your attention on growing and developing your brand and reputation. As a team we can move forwards and fulfil your ambitions as a leading provider in your industry. 

We genuinely care about all of our customers and are excited about the prospect of growing together as a successful partnership. Contact us now and speak to one of our experienced mail order fulfilment experts and we can provide you with a bespoke quote to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution possible.

Don’t delay and waste time on inferior providers who are uninterested in your success and care more about their own turnover than the wants and needs of your business. We are here to support you in any way we can and our dedicated team will always put your priorities above everything else. Imagine a mail order fulfilment service that cares as much about your business as you do. We’ve grown as big as we have since 2015 because we care so much, and the attention to detail and efficiency we offer is second to none.

Don’t delay and speak to a dedicated account manager now by either completing the form on this page, or by telephoning us on 0333 0111 999.

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