Outsourced Fulfilment Services – Is Your Order Volume Growing?

Fulfilment is an essential part of every eCommerce business. The eCommerce fulfilment industry is worth over $9 billion in the US, with many companies offering streamlined fulfilment for sellers. Whether your products are typically with your supplier, taking up space in your home, or sitting in a warehouse a few miles away, you need to pick and pack each item; and then ship them quickly and cost-efficiently.

Outsourced fulfilment sits in the grey area between dropshipping, where a third-party supplier packs and ships the products, and in-house eCommerce fulfilment, where you’re the one packing and shipping your products. With outsourced fulfilment, you are responsible for sourcing, marketing, and selling each product, whilst a third-party fulfilment service integrates with your eCommerce business selling platform and takes on the responsibility of storing, packing, and shipping your products.

Many eCommerce store owners start their online selling journey with in-house fulfilment, outsourcing fulfilment as they continue to grow past the capabilities of one person. Others can get caught in a rut, not wanting to outsource but struggling to cope by doing it themselves.

How do Fulfilment Processes Work?

There are a few main steps involved when you opt into outsourced order fulfilment services. Below, we describe what fulfilment outsourcing to The Delivery Group will be like for you.

Delivering Your Products to The Delivery Group

You can ship everything to our warehouse spaces at The Delivery group, including any inventory you currently have in stock. All future inventory can also go directly from the manufacturer to our teams at The Delivery Group fulfilment centre – eliminating the need for you to act as the middle step and reducing carbon footprints.

To do this, we would need your purchase order, or your supplier’s order confirmation, so that we can receive any goods you’ve got coming.

Inventory Processing: Receiving, Sorting, Storage

Once you’ve done everything to set up, and we’ve done our part in the process, our experts at The Delivery Group can manage the entire inventory process, including receiving your products, sorting your stock, and storing them appropriately so that they are ready to be sold and shipped directly from the warehouse.

Our associates will also inspect your shipments when they arrive for any damage or missing items with the use of SKU numbers and barcodes before they are integrated with our system. Our inventory tracking system also helps to track sales volumes and other data – helping you to maintain adequate inventory levels.

Routing Orders

From the moment your products are securely stored in our warehouse spaces at the fulfilment center, they are ready to be processed to fulfil orders. When your customer places an order for one of the products within our warehouse spaces, we’ll be notified to pack and ship the item. In order to make the process even more seamless, you can integrate your POS system or eCommerce platform with our system.

You can also use CSV files for bulk order data as an alternative – however, this results in manual order entry which is an inefficient method that can be affected by human error.

Order Shipment Processing

We can pick, pack, and ship any items that your customers are ordering from the moment they begin ordering once you’ve integrated with us. Our experts pick the correct items and safely pack them for shipment to customer addresses – ensuring that all orders arrive on time and in good condition, minimising the amount of return requests.

Customer Returns

Regardless of whether your products are shipped correctly and in good condition, customers will want to raise a return request at some point. After we receive the returned package, we will inspect it and determine a refund approval. From here, you can choose how you want this to be handled: you can put it back into inventory if it is just an unwanted item, put it on clearance or donate it if there are issues, or discard it if there are major issues.

Are you looking to streamline your eCommerce business with outsourced fulfilment services? The Delivery Group can offer a wide range of fulfilment services that enable you to outsource fulfilment with confidence. Get in touch today. 

What are the Benefits of Outsourced Fulfilment?

There are a wide range of benefits that outsourcing fulfilment can bring to your business, and knowing these benefits can help you to understand when it’s time to outsource to a third-party fulfilment provider like The Delivery Group. These benefits include:

Faster Deliveries

With approximately 66% of online shoppers considering fast and affordable delivery as one of the most influential factors in cart abandonment, the importance of quick shipping and low shipping costs becomes very clear. However, as your orders increase, delivering items quickly and on time can become very challenging for those focussed on in-house fulfilment.

In this instance, third-party fulfilment providers, like The Delivery Group, have highly trained staff that are dedicated to getting your orders shipped in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. We aim to give you a competitive advantage over other eCommerce online stores by getting your customers their orders delivered as soon as possible.

Cost-Efficient Fulfilment

Outsourced fulfilment services, like the services we have on offer here at The Delivery Group, expertly deliver your products in the most cost-efficient way, helping you to reap the benefits from volume shipping costs and low warehousing costs.

eCommerce online store owners can save up to 35% on shipping rates when outsourcing fulfilment and these savings can be used for discounts to entice even more purchases, or they could even go into your savings for a rainy day.

Better Customer Services

Like mentioned before, high shipping rates and slow delivery times are the top causes for cart abandonment in any online store. Using The Delivery Group for outsourced order fulfilment doesn’t only enable you to increase your conversions for sales, but it also results in higher quality deliveries that aim to be always on time. When it comes to deliveries, we have a solution to that too.

Your customers will be kept up to date with real time tracking information, meaning you’ll be spending less time dealing with customer delivery complaints and spending more time working on eCommerce strategies.

Growth For Your Business

When you choose The Delivery Group for your outsourced fulfilment, we take picking and packing, shipping, and customer complaints off of your hands. Our experts also ship to a wide range of locations geographically, all with high-quality delivery standards, so you need not worry about any drops in shipping standards.

This means that you’ll have more capacity to handle the storage and fulfilment of an increase in orders from any PR or marketing campaigns you’ve undertaken. You can also invest any extra time and money back into growing your business – developing strategies for even more sales.


One of the best features of integrating with outsourced fulfilment services, like those on offer at The Delivery Group, is benefitting from high-quality eCommerce technology without the cost of licencing and training. When you partner with The Delivery Group, you’ll receive exclusive access to our software that seamlessly connects with your eCommerce sales channels. This enables us to fulfil orders efficiently and effectively, all while you benefit from better inventory management and data relating to order tracking.

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If you’re looking to start outsourcing fulfilment to third party fulfilment companies, The Delivery Group is your number one choice of fulfilment partner. From shipping domestically in the UK, to shipping internationally, The Delivery Group is your one-stop-shop with all the expert fulfilment outsourcing services you need from an expert fulfilment partner. Our delivery experts can pick, pack, and ship all of your customer orders efficiently, all with the lowest fulfilment costs for you – and the lowest shipping costs for your customers.

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