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Specialist International Shipping for Clothing

Many clothing shops, department stores, and even smaller online retailers across the UK have found that eCommerce is the most efficient way to sell clothing to their target markets. However, with an increase in demand and more competition than ever for fashion brands, you’ll need a fantastic order fulfilment service behind you to keep you ahead of your competitors. If you need professional international shipping for clothing products, it’s even more important that your chosen team knows exactly what you need.

At The Delivery Group, we are ready and fully prepared to offer a service that’s tailored to suit you and your clothing business. Whether you have outgrown your current capabilities for fulfilment and need an expert service to meet the demands of a global market, or need professional storage and distribution services in international locations, we’ll ensure that you get the quality control over your products and the exceptional customer service you need when you partner with us.

You will be guaranteed clothing shipments for men and women that arrive with their purchasers as fast as possible, in their ideal condition, no matter where they are based.

Contact us today and prepare your shipments with us before the orders start coming in from international customers online.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship Clothes Internationally?

Every shipment we deliver on behalf of online clothes shops and retailers will have its own bespoke price attached, depending on the size and the weight of the shipment itself. As such, we cannot offer a set list of costs and prices involved with international shipping for clothing. Instead, we will discuss prices of individual shipments with you when you contact us to send your goods abroad.

The costs involved with our service are always bespoke, and tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your business. This even means that we will go through our flexible solutions to find the courier with the best possible shipping prices, and ensure that every part of our service always stays cost-effective and price competitive for you.

What Our Service Means for Shipping Costs

Many customers abroad will be looking for services that offer free international delivery, so clothes stores that offer this are more likely to see traffic through their web pages and get the transactions they’re looking for. Our service is always tailored to suit the needs of your business, and as such should be cost-effective enough that you can offer free international shipping without adding any significant costs to your overall margins.

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Why Choose The Delivery Group for International Shipping for Clothing?


We take pride in the professional services we provide for eCommerce businesses and online clothing stores looking to send their products abroad. When you want to ship clothes from your UK-based brand to an international target market, you’ll get to experience these for yourself.

Here, we’ve listed just a few of the beneficial features you can expect as part of our international shipping service when you decide to partner with us:

We Keep Customer Experience Paramount

We’ve arranged our services so that any kind of shipment, and any shipment of any size, will be kept safe and arrive at its intended destination in its optimum condition. For your clothing shipments, this means making sure they are kept clean, dry, and undamaged throughout storage and delivery. You will even be assigned your own account manager when you sign on with us, and by communicating your needs and requirements with them we’ll be able to prevent any potential problems with shipping that could otherwise happen.

You and your customers can also expect:

  • Expertly packed items using high quality materials that minimise damage
  • Same-day dispatch services that offer the most efficient shipping and delivery times
  • Real-time tracking on our app, from checkout to the customer’s doorstep
  • Packaging featuring your own branding, once you’ve reached over 1000 orders a month
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Your Clothing Will Be Kept in Safe Storage

Our fulfilment centres offer ideal storage spaces for specific items, including potentially delicate or fragile items like clothing. These areas are not too hot, cold, or wet, and keep your clothing from becoming damaged to minimise the amount of returns you could face.

By using our fulfilment centres, you are guaranteed:

  • A safe, secure, and clean storage space for your clothing
  • A storage space close to the best transport links and courier hubs available
  • Fast, efficient, and completely cost-effective shipping when targeting customers abroad

You Will Get Complete Control Over Stock

We will make a note of all the barcodes and serial numbers on your products in our own order fulfilment software. This alerts us to any clothing orders you need sent out first, so customers abroad will get their orders on time, or even on the date that they’re expecting if you’ve specified a date. 

As part of our service, you will also get to tell us how much of your clothing you want us to hold, helping you to manage costs to your budget while keeping a healthy supply in for your national and international customers when they shop online.


Other Features for eCommerce Clothing Businesses

Our international shipping services for eCommerce businesses also come with a list of other additional features and benefits that you can use, and that will help to make your customers happy, when you choose to work with us:

  • 72 hour delivery times
  • Collection arrangements to suit you
  • Customer information management, commercial invoices, and reporting
  • Total visibility around shipping operations and invoice reconciliation
  • Fast integrated tracking throughout our network
  • Signed-for and proof of delivery support
  • Unsorted and sorted solutions
  • Complete customer support, even during peak times (such as Black Friday)
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Contact Us Today for Fast Worldwide Shipping for Clothing


If you’ve reached or exceeded your current capacities for order fulfilment on clothing shipments abroad, or if you need services that offer distribution and storage in international locations for faster delivery times, The Delivery Group will be ready and waiting to help. 

Our fully committed and experienced team are always on hand to help when you need products shipped internationally, whether you are looking to send packages of maternity clothes from London to Manchester, sell Turkish clothes online all over Europe, or even send finely made Indian clothing all the way to the USA.

We will do everything we can to ensure your delivery management and speeds are kept quick, efficient, and cost-effective for your budget, no matter what you are sending or where you need it sent. Contact us to discuss your clothing shipment and receive a bespoke quote from us in return today.