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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers and providing accurate international parcel tracking.

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We offer highly competitive prices with the best delivery times and excellent client service, which is something other providers are unable or unwilling to offer.

You will see all of your parcels when you log in to track your parcels here. You can also download our app from the Google Play store, for complete access via a phone or smart device.

We are experts in sorting, tracking and delivering mail, so you never have to worry about your international packages.

By using our mail handling service you will get international parcel tracking along with other benefits of our leading delivery company, such as the following:

Fast delivery times

We can reach most countries within 72 hours. Parcel delivery overseas is just as simple and easy as sending to local areas, thanks to our immense delivery options. With over £250 million turnover a year and impressive infrastructure in 8 national locations, we have the capabilities of meeting any scale of demand.

Cost-effective prices

Our global parcel delivery lets you track your parcel in the most cost-efficient way, with bespoke rates and access to the skills and experience of the drivers in our advanced fleet. We also offer international tracked, signed delivery and other excellent options, and we will work with you to come up with a bespoke quote.

Customer service

Our tracking service comes with client support, which is important for international parcel tracking. We can help with customs forms, printing labels for air waybills and will help ensure your parcels meet all international standards – and that they can be easily tracked. With this support, simply log in and track parcels from anywhere.

Using our partnerships with couriers and post offices around the world, we make sure that your parcels, post or other mail receives the highest level of care and follows all handling instructions. We can ship post, parcels and pallets abroad, all with superb international tracking functions.

How to Track My Parcel From Overseas

Overseas parcel tracking is easily accessible by using the app on your phone, tablet or online via the website. If you are an existing customer and want to log in, you can do so here.

You will simply need your international parcel tracking number, which will give you access to all the information on the progress of your parcel. You should find your tracking number on your receipt or the email sent to you after dropping off or having your parcels collected.

If you have a special international parcel tracking request or requirement our client team will help to build a bespoke service, which may include eTrak – our advanced international service:

Use Our Advanced International Parcel Tracking Systems

By using our exciting new eTrak international delivery service we can offer optimised routing and international tracked mail, which is ideal for eCommerce companies. This advanced international parcel delivery service gives you the following benefits:

  • High-speed deliveries
  • Safe cross-border shipping
  • End-to-end service
  • State of the art international parcel tracking, from collection to doorstep delivery

The eTrak service is designed as a simple, powerful overseas parcel tracking service and delivers the most comprehensive parcel tracking system for your business. You get the benefit of an in-house system that lets you boost international sales and gives you an edge over competitors.

How to Find My International Parcel Tracking Number

To track international parcels you will need your parcel tracking number. It should be easily visible on your receipt or in emails about your recent collection or drop off. If you still cannot find the relevant tracking number you can try the following:

  • Looking in your email’s trash bin and spam email folder
  • Checking your emails for messages from couriers and partners – DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.
  • Contact customer service; when in doubt, you can contact our customer support team for help with using your international parcel tracking service

Our tracking is so smooth and easy that you will rarely have to think about a parcel tracking number, simply log into your app or account to view the status of your parcels. We believe in people, partnership and performance for the best service; learn more about our values here.

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Our overseas parcel tracking service is fast, reliable, cost-effective and ideal for when you need regular large parcels sent abroad or want small parcel tracking globally. The advanced parcel tracking systems we use will give you a clearer way to track than our standard parcel tracking, which is perfect for eCommerce businesses that need to compete with the big players online.

Whether you want to track international parcels or use other aspects of our leading service, you will always get the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective service with us – all with top client support. You can get a free, fast and direct quote for whatever level of service you require, so please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more, or try our quote builder below:

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FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about international parcel tracking and the services we provide:

I ship to a variety of countries, how fast can you deliver?

We can ship to most countries in 72 hours. Mail options include various expedited air tracking and priority mail delivery times, which can be faster depending on where you are shipping and the customs processes that may be necessary.

How do I track an overseas parcel?

Simply open the app and enter the tracking number. This will give you all the information on your parcel in an easy to understand way, so it is clear what stage the parcel is at in the supply chain, when it will arrive and the current status of the order. If you have any difficulties you can contact your dedicated account manager.

How do I know if my parcel is stuck in customs?

The courier will notify you of any failed customs processes. If your parcel fails to pass customs checks in its destination country you should contact the courier to find out more information. You will get a notification from the courier, which can occur due to improper paperwork – or even accidentally shipping prohibited items to a certain country. From here, you will have to contact the local customs office for information and to solve the problem. They can then release your parcel once all taxes, duties or other requirements are fulfilled.

In most cases, customs clearance is a straightforward but slow process, and regional differences can make the experience frustrating. Using a reliable fulfilment service will greatly reduce or eliminate the chances of parcels failing to pass customs, as the majority of issues are caused by simple paperwork errors and not paying duties correctly, which can be alleviated with proper planning.

How do I track my parcel from China?

For most parcels within mainland China the courier will be the state-run China Post Service. You can use the official site to track any parcels in China. As a state-run service, the organisation often partners with Western couriers to fulfil orders from abroad, such as FedEx and UPS. As a result, you may have separate tracking via your courier up until the point of goods arriving on the mainland. While most people should be able to get some information, the level of client service from the operator is not as substantial as services like our own, so getting reliable tracking information can be frustrating.

Can you ship to countries in the Middle East?

It is possible to ship many items to the Middle East, including difficult to access markets such as Iran. Your account manager can work with you to determine whether items you intend to ship comply with the strict laws and customs regulations in the region. Certain items will be unsuitable for shipping to many countries in the area, particularly products containing alcohol and other religious contraband.

I want to offer a sustainable service, do you have policies to reduce environmental impact?

Yes. There we have many policies in place to reduce road usage and significantly improve energy consumption. We invest in LED technology for lighting and find innovative solutions to reduce energy use throughout our supply chain. With efficient tracking and monitoring technology, as well as automated systems, we maximise the amount of energy we save. We offer the greenest way to send parcels internationally.

Can you easily track an international package?

Yes. Using our free app you can easily and accurately track a package internationally. There are different levels of package tracking, which can vary in detail depending on the class of the mail or your overall needs. It is free and available for many of the most popular destinations we ship mail to overseas.

I am concerned about the welfare of couriers in foreign countries, do you provide an ethical service?

Yes. We are committed to using reliable and responsible mail handlers in different countries where employment, human rights and labour laws are less prevalent or do not exist. The Delivery Group maintains a strong desire to back social causes that prevent modern slavery and has a people-first ethical structure as part of all corporate governance.

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