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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Europe.

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We ship and deliver to anywhere in Europe

There are many benefits that those who partner with us gain when they choose to deliver their parcels using our service. These include the following:

  • special transport for delicate and fragile packages
  • delivery by hand to the exact address you specify
  • easy collection from your premises
  • customisable tracking options from collection to delivery

The main edge you will gain for your business is a more efficient operation. Not handling mail increases the amount of time you can focus on the core values of your business. Unless your business focuses on mail, it’s probably something you don’t want to deal with, but rather something that you have to do. It’s a chore, it’s an annoyance and it distracts you from running your business.


We at The Delivery Group focus on mail handling, delivery and fulfilment more than anything else. Regular post, small or medium-sized parcels and substantial pallet orders are our speciality. We can take the duty of parcel delivery to Europe from you and handle it ourselves.

You can contact us immediately to lower your postage costs to Europe and develop a bespoke service for your company. You can also call us on 0333 0111 999 for a low-cost European delivery service with an extensive level of tracking.

What to Know About Parcel Delivery to European Addresses

Many businesses routinely ship parcels to Europe from the UK. It takes time and organisation to send a parcel to Europe. While this may mean a parcel does not necessarily have to travel far, postage rates can be an annoyance for small and large businesses alike. You can use The Delivery Group’s mail handling service for a cheaper cost and a flexible, reliable service.

The market of the European continent is vital for trade, from a geographical as well as an economic point of view. We provide client-specific services for speed of delivery and also a lower price of shipping for large or small items. Our UK to Europe parcel delivery service includes a remarkable level of care and attention.

The Delivery Group’s custom-made service package comes with low-price billing options. Such options give you the ability to view us as a partner, not just a provider. Simplicity and wide-ranging tracking also keeps clients as a part of the mail handling process from start to finish.

Why you should use our industry-leading service

We believe in partnership and collaboration, it is an essential part of our values. We are able to understand and appreciate the specific pressures of your business, which is key to our success and the success of our clients.

The team at The Delivery Group are acutely aware of the individuality of our clients’ operations. This means that we can create a plan that is business-specific for you, whether you’re running a startup or a larger company. We find our clients experience high levels of service and a good end result using this model.

People we partner with frequently comment that the following features of our service are appealing to their business:

Transparency and trackable mail handling

Sending a parcel to Europe puts your goods outside of the domestic business environment and some people feel this adds an element of risk. This can add to the sense of worry or trepidation for some companies, particularly when mailing high-value goods.

It is possible that these feelings do not have any weight in reality, but unreliable and opaque mail handlers add to this burden. We provide extensive tracking, so you can see your goods at every stage of delivery. It’s accurate and up to date, which our clients say alleviates any uncertainty.

Talent and knowledge from a huge group of experts

Our clients want perfection and we offer you the most reliable service. To do this we pool the abilities and experience of our employees, who number almost 500, and the infrastructure from all of our locations across the UK.

We are people-centric, and the talent and knowledge of our team is something you can tap into. It is unlikely your business will require such a capability within itself, but using our mail handling service to Europe or elsewhere will give you access to a powerful and efficient organisation when  you need it.

We will give you the advantage of our assets. Small and large companies do not have this level of expertise, but we will deliver it to you in a reliable and customisable way. This is the reason so many people rely on us to handle their items, and these items number approximately a billion per year.

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Business training and advice

Our clients do not ordinarily have the knowledge and experience of mail handling that we do. There are frequent questions and considerations of processes and procedures in managing mail efficiently

Mail is an important aspect of your business. You have to keep within a set of protocols to efficiently and effectively manage it, and we’re happy to help with this. Giving you the tools to create an environment that is compliant with international postage regulations, very important when shipping parcels to Europe, is something that we love to provide.

To share the knowledge within our partnerships we offer access to a range of resources that can help businesses integrate our expertise into their operations. This helps you to increase your efficiency even more and provide mail standards that lead the industry to your customers.

Hand Delivered Package

Time and efficiency

We find that clients are under pressure in terms of time constraints. This is particularly true in a startup or a smaller enterprise that is finding its footing.

We can relieve the pressure by taking mail handling off of your list of duties. This enables you to redirect resources that will otherwise focus on mail into the core areas of your business.

An extra bit of breathing room is a crucial advantage to a business, and it is integral to the service we provide. Give yourself some freedom and outsource your mail handling requirements instead of dealing with it inhouse.

Efficiency gains are a key benefit to the services we provide. A company will find a greater level of freedom when outsourcing mail handling needs instead of taking care of them inhouse.

Save costs with The Delivery Group

Low cost and cheap price options

Parcel delivery to Europe may mean mail travels far. However, our clients do not want to pay a premium to deliver their mail. Some small companies find themselves held to ransom to guarantee their mail arrives on time.

High postage rates can make delivery parcels to Europe an annoying and expensive challenge. For this reason, we offer a level of flexibility and simplicity to your mail pricing that will meet your needs in a cost-effective way.

What to consider when shipping to Europe from UK addresses

The European continent and the European Union has a specific regulatory and procedural standard for mail and shipping. To get parcels to their destination in this region, you and your company must comply with these standards.

Even within the EU, there are different customs standards and legal regulations. The benefit of using our service is that we can pass on this knowledge to you. Regulations change all the time, and this will help make sure parcels reach their recipient successfully.

The local variations within the European Union, the greater European continent and the United Kingdom are complex. Some items are illegal in certain countries and are perfectly legal in another. Products with restrictions can make it difficult to send some types of parcel to Europe. Examples include:

  • Plants and seeds: Europe’s ecosystem spans from arid desert in the South to tundra in the North. These are fragile and subject to environmental regulations. This means sending certain plants and seeds can be problematic.
  • Liquids and chemicals: Shipping liquids can be a problem for our clients, especially when the liquids are volatile or have some toxicity. Examples include pesticides and poisons for rodent control.
  • Controlled substances: Certain substances are illegal within different European countries. These include types of tobacco products, specific forms of alcohol and medicines or drugs. Shipping such items requires careful consideration.

The best advice we can give you is to ask us directly if you are unsure whether your parcels will be acceptable for delivery within Europe. Our team of experts will give you advice on each individual product and help secure your shipping operation.

A custom delivery service for European mail

Our experience means people rely on us, and this results in a turnover of almost £250 million per year. This comes from a variety of clients. We will always provide you with great value and high levels of service.

You can get in touch with us today and find out how our bespoke services can assist you in your business. Fill out a form for a callback or call us directly on 0333 0111 999.

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