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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from the USA.

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Send a Parcel to the USA with our Bespoke Courier Services

If you are looking to send a parcel to the USA, your clients or customers must receive their post in a timely fashion. The logistics of reliable mail is a challenge for most businesses, who wish to focus on other areas of their company, which is where our bespoke courier services will help you.

We handle mail for many businesses who seek to ship their post to the USA or other countries. To achieve this reliably, we make sure there is compliance in terms of tax or duty on goods, customs clearance protocols and offer a door-to-door courier service that gives you express delivery times.

Our bespoke delivery services will have a significant impact on how long your parcels or other post take to reach their destination. Our clients wonder how to get the cheapest postage, and the service we provide includes competitive rates. We also have the infrastructure to handle your mail easily. 

We ship and deliver to anywhere in the USA

The core benefits of using our express courier services to send your parcels to the USA include the following:

  • secure transport and fast delivery
  • tracking and customisable delivery options
  • bespoke collection arrangements from your business
  • door-to-door service from our couriers

You can contact us today to streamline your mail handling and enjoy our reliable, professional and tech-savvy service. While your business does not focus on mail, ours does. Our clients benefit from more efficient outcomes and a framework that provides many large and small companies with cheap, reliable shipping to the USA.

It does not matter what you are sending; there are parcel delivery services to suit all needs. However, if you require a large pallet delivery, we can ship these to the USA as well. We adjust and adapt to the individual needs of your business, so even if you require smaller post delivery to the USA we will handle that too.

Why businesses rely on our parcel services to the USA

We believe that business is essentially a community and that we work better as a team. Our fresh approach to mail handling means we collaborate as a partner with our clients.

As collaborators, we will tailor a custom plan for your mail. No matter where you ship your mail we will come up with a bespoke solution. Some businesses have extremely particular requirements for when we collect their mail, while others will prefer more tracking. It all depends on your needs as a business.

We find that clients rely on our services for many reasons, but some of the reasons we consistently hear include the following:

HGV Training

Dependability as an international courier

Whether you are sending personal effects to an individual or a pallet of goods to a business, our experience gives us the ability to handle any type of mail with ease.

Our facilities are expansive, with almost 500 employees across the UK. We have the set up to deal with the rigorous challenges of handling large volumes of mail and we will happily deal with yours too.

Your customers demand reliability and consistency from you, and you expect it from us when you use our services. Delivering on this promise is what keeps our clients happy.

Online Shopping

Bespoke solutions for ecommerce businesses

One of the benefits you will find is that it simplifies your ecommerce business. In the current economic climate you will enjoy a swift and affordable service, even as your mail handling needs scale.

Seasonal trends commonly affect ecommerce sales and online shopping is on the rise. When you see an uptick in sales you may be unable to fulfil orders quick and fast by yourself, which is bad for you and bad for your customers.

Our services give you access to an infrastructure that is capable of reliably and cheaply handling a billion items per year. This means you can scale up when necessary and still provide the same high level of service to customers.

Order tracking

Time and energy

Is there anything more valuable than time? Arguably not in the business world. You always seem to be running against the clock or hurrying to get something done on time, so the last thing you want to think about is mail.

Our network and numerous locations are a way to help lower the pressure. Relying on us and putting mail to the very back of your mind is a way to let you focus on areas you truly want to, like growing your business.

You save time, you save energy, and you reduce stress by using our services. It’s a clever way to keep yourself focussed on the tasks that are important to you.

Tracking and monitoring

Trust is key to a business partnership. Our clients trust us with their valuable mail. We understand the need for careful and secure delivery, and one way we ensure that is through extensive tracking options.

Our tracking and monitoring systems are something our clients point as an example of why our services are first class. They are fully customisable depending on your needs and will readily give you an accurate view of your mail from pickup to delivery.

We realise that businesses need to check and monitor their mail, and our technological solutions provide you with this option.

What businesses need to know when shipping to the USA

Businesses need to know a lot about the international procedures that are necessary for reliable mail when shipping themselves. But with our courier services, you do not have to concern yourself with such things. We take it out of your hands.

Laws and customs regulations can make shipping a colossal challenge. This is particularly true when sending parcels to multiple countries. The USA has unique challenges, but we have the capabilities to meet any requirement to ensure your parcels arrive on time and at the cheapest price.

Sending parcels from UK addresses can mean you have a lot to think about. It is tedious and annoying for many companies who do not focus on mail. But as The Delivery Group focuses exclusively in this space, meeting these challenges is an area where we thrive. When sending a parcel to the USA with us, we will handle the following:

  • Tax and duty compliance: There is nothing worse than finding an extra cost that you do not expect. Taxation and duty tariffs vary internationally, and we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure any import or export regulations are fully compliant.
  • Customs clearance: Without knowing what items are legal or illegal in each jurisdiction you can run into problems handling post yourself. The USA has the extra complication of legality varying between states. We know how to manage this so that you avoid any problems with your parcels.
  • Swift and secure delivery: Our delivery service is high-speed, with most items arriving at their destination within 3-5 days. We also use couriers who will deliver your parcels using tracking at every stage, so you will know for certain when your parcel departs, is in transit or arrives at its destination.

Our services will ensure you will not really have to think about your mail. There are numerous ways of making sure your mail arrives in the USA on time and securely, but the best way is to use our bespoke mail handling services.

Sending parcels to the USA with us

You will receive the same service on small or large mail when you send parcels to USA addresses. We will also give you the tools to grow your business with our mail handling solutions as we have a pool of resources that regularly expands.

At The Delivery Group, we have the knowledge to get your mail, to the USA or another country, to where it needs to be quickly and reliably. It is an intelligent way to outsource your post and take advantage of our impressive infrastructure.

We give you the best that the industry can provide with our bespoke packages. Start empowering your business today and get in touch with us to start tailoring your mail handling service

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